Development of profound decision criteria for business partners and public authorities.  

Your business wants to ... 


... implement innovative projects? 

... use renewable energy solutions? 

... contribute to changes in energy systems? 

System analysis, business model design and economic evaluation 

Project Management 

MOOSMOAR Energies OG provides research services for system analysis, business model development as well as economic evaluation in the field of energy economics. This includes especially the electricity, heating/cooling and gas sector considering all actors (generation, distribution, trade and consumption) of the national and international energy value chain. 


Based on a general system analysis (e.g. optimal and synergetical use of eletricity, heat and gas grids) several scenarios and parameter settings can be provided in order to derive recommendations for different actor segments. 


Business model analyses are derived taking into consideration actor specific impacts. 


Furthermore, economic analysis including investment decision support is performed e.g. by calculating detailed cost / benefit ratios for several case studies. 

The consulting services of MOOSMOAR Energies OG provide you with assistance for project development and implementation including idea generation as well as dissemination activities. 

This includes: 


Project development towards proposals for several funding opportunities and coordination of project consortia. 


Elaboration of project topics including organisation and realisation of project workshops und discussion processes. 


Dissemination of project results including preparation of presentation materials for topic related conferences or design of print and digital media.  


Coordination of internal and external (e.g. funding agencies) project reporting. 

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